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Go Commando

Your mission, should you wish to accept it, will be to get you and your team from the start of…

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Mountain Sense Challenge Events

Delivering outstanding events to challenge you and your team.

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Using a range of outdoor activities, Mountain Sense can guide your team through sensational landscapes, offering the opportunity to focus…

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3 Peaks Challenge

The national three peaks still remains the favorite and indeed the most popular of all the mountain challenge events undertaken…

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Rock On

Looked after by our highly experienced and qualified mountaineering instructors, all that’s left for you to do is get on…

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24 Peaks in 24 Hours

Taking in some of the country’s most breath taking scenery, your team will follow The Lake District’s best mountain ridge…

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On Yer Bike

This thrilling mountain bike event challenges your team to navigate round an exciting course on wide forest trails or more…

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Up The Creek

This exciting adventure takes teams into wild and dramatic places only accessible by canoe.

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Skye's Inaccessible Pinnacle

This amazing challenge gives you the opportunity to climb the UK’s most spectacular mountain. Hidden amongst the dramatic spires of…

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Lake District 3000 Foot Peaks

Climb England's four highest mountains in one amazing challenge.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I need insurance cover for the event?
As event organiser, we have full public liability insurance. Although not mandatory, you are responsible for obtaining any personal injury insurance you may need.

How much water should I carry?
Every team member should carry about one to two litres of water on each mountain section, depending on the conditions. We will give you full guidance during the event. Ensure your water bottles are full for the start of each section and you are already well hydrated. We advise the use of purification tablets for water taken from mountain streams.

What kind of food should I take on the event?
You will need a good support crew to provide a quick, hot, high energy meal when you return from each mountain section, such as pasta or noodles. Your support crew should be equipped with a stove and pans (and enough gas) to boil sufficient water for your team for the whole event. On the route itself, carry a variety of high-energy foods such as nuts, muesli bars and chocolate.

Is it necessary to wear walking boots?
Yes, you need boots that offer good ankle support, soles designed for mountain use with plenty of tread. We suggest waterproof and breathable boots, which are reasonably lightweight. Your boots must be higher than the ankle, cross trainers or approach shoes can put you at greater risk of ankle injury and are not suitable for the type of terrain encountered on our walking events.

Is it necessary to have waterproof jacket with hood, over-trousers, spare warm clothing and hat and gloves?

Yes, mountain weather can be highly changeable even in the height of summer. Just because it is warm and sunny at the bottom of a mountain does not mean it will stay the same all the way to the top. In general, it gets 1 oC colder every 100m you climb. Waterproofs keep you much warmer by protecting you from the wind, which also increases with height. Spare warm clothing including hat and gloves must be carried in addition to waterproofs for these reasons.

Is it necessary to have two dedicated drivers?

For the 3 Peaks, we recommend two drivers per vehicle. This is simply due to the amount of driving involved. For the 24 Peaks, only one support member will be needed. For other challenges, you do not need any support crew as the events all take place in one location. We recommend hiring a minibus for your team or two people-carriers.

How fit do I need to be?
For maximum enjoyment it would be better if you undertook some form of training prior to the event ie you take part in some kind of cardio-vascular sport a couple of times a week. Though our events can be tailored to suit less active people too.

You have to be pretty fit for our walking challenges. You should aim to include plenty of mountain walks in your training with 700m – 1000m of ascent during the day (you will climb 2100m in 24hours on the 3 Peaks Challenge!)  Include hill walking in your team's preparation, with about a 10kg rucksack – this will help build strength in the leg muscles. Call us anytime to have a chat about your training plan.

The bottom line is: the more training you can do  - the more you will enjoy the whole experience!

How many walkers should we have in our team?
The minimum number is 4 and the maximum is 8 (6 is ideal). Problems can occur with larger teams which are more likely to have a wider range of ability and are more difficult to manage on the hill.


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